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Garad Silk: a traditional saree

Garad looks divine. Dressing up in a traditional garad saree during any religious event is a sheer treat for every Bengali woman. Garad silk, unlike other traditional sarees, has this mysterious essence of purity that makes every wearer go absolutely crazy. Besides flaunting her traditional extravaganza, a garad silk saree is something that can make anyone feel a lot more sophisticated. Indian Silk House Exclusives has a rich collection of traditional garad sarees and here you can run your fingers through an array of wonderfully woven garad silk sarees at the best prices. One can easily buy garda sarees on online portals as well.

The garad saree symbolizes the traditional culture of Bengali women and is made of strong silk fabric. The fabric is not dyed and this is mainly done to maintain the purity of the fine fabric.

The dark red border marked on a white or off-white saree plays an important role in bringing the wearer a pure traditional look during the important rituals of the festival. Sarees have a sacred relevance and that’s why cowl sarees are readily available in most Bengali women’s closets.

All Bengali sarees look graceful, classy, and exquisite in their appearance and Garad is certainly no exception. What sets Garad apart from others is its ever-so-beautiful and iconic red border with beautiful paisley motifs. This remarkable feature represents purity and highlights the culture and heritage of Bengal in the most enticing way.

When it comes to choosing the perfect Durga Puja saree, every Bengali woman looks forward to picking out her garad saree that helps her steal the show.

Garad saree variations mainly include small floral or paisley or figure patterns with a wide red border on the white or off-white part of the saree. It is often seen that garda sarees have different colored borders.

While the red border predominates, maroon and other colors like green, blue, mustard and gray are also available for those looking for color options. Nowadays we at Indian Silk House Exclusives make some special garad sarees like brocade and some exquisite rare pieces with pure lace work. Garad sarees usually come without a blouse piece but we make a few with a blouse piece.

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