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Paithani sarees set the mood for every celebration

The timeless elegance of the six-yard drape gracefully complements every Indian woman, subtly enhancing her femininity like no other traditional attire can. With its rich weaving traditions, Paithani sarees exude an unmatched allure that transcends borders, making them a popular choice worldwide for any occasion, be it a festive celebration or a formal event.

India boasts a diverse array of sarees, each reflecting the unique culture of its state. At WishCarry Exclusives, saree enthusiasts can explore a wide range of traditional designs tailored for various occasions.

Origin of Paithani sarees: Named after the village of Paithan near Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Paithani sarees are renowned for their resplendent handloom silk.

Weaving of Paithani silk – the raised pitloom: Crafted meticulously on raised pitlooms, Paithani sarees undergo a time-intensive weaving process, transitioning from a cotton base to pure silk to achieve their exquisite finish.

Paithani designs & exclusivity: Characterized by intricate motifs and contrasting shades, Paithani sarees feature golden-based pallavs adorned with silk patterns, creating a captivating play of light and shadow. Historically, Paithani sarees during the Peshwa rule incorporated pure gold mixed with copper for added strength.

Motifs of Paithani sarees: From lotus and parrots to coins and flowers, Paithani sarees boast a rich tapestry of motifs inspired by nature and classic sculptures. Varieties like Asavali and Tota-Maina showcase distinct designs, adding to the allure of these elegant sarees.

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