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Salwar kameez and kurtis

Women in India are spoiled for choice when it comes to traditional Indian wear. From sarees to anarkalis and kurtis to cholis, they have endless options to choose from. But one outfit that tops every woman’s list is the evergreen salwar kameez. This versatile dress is perfect for all weather, occasions, and ages. Today, if you mention salwar kameez to an Indian woman, she will take it on her own. With the evolving fashion, salwar kameez designs have also undergone several changes. They can be paired with a dupatta, shawl, or chunni.

The salwar kameez has a long history. It comes from all over South Asia and has additions and blends from many other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and even Bangladesh. In India, the states of Punjab and Gujarat have their own influence in giving salwar kameez a different look. Traditional salwar kameez is usually worn with a long scarf or dupatta which is usually colorful.

Kurtis is those that are usually worn by men with pajama, salwar, or even lungi and they are usually short. However, with time women started following this trend and now there are different types of designer kurtas along with traditional ones which women follow and carry well with trousers or leggings.

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