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Why you should be buying handloom sarees

If you are an ardent lover of six yards, you will have almost every type of saree in your wardrobe. Yet, the glow and comfort that handloom sarees offer is unmatched. Dressed elegantly, a woman can carry these hand-stitched creations in their regular work, as well as look good at parties. Such is the magic of this masterful creation.

Marketing drapes in the textile sector are becoming increasingly popular in the country. And why not? It is the largest generator of non-agricultural rural employment and has a strong place in the growth of the country’s economy. And, the best part of such creation is the immense contribution of the stagnant, poor class of the country. Their skills get exposure to the public eye, and in return, they get paid.

This in a way appreciates their craftsmanship and takes a step forward in reducing poverty in the country. Being primarily household dependent, it involves the entire family and is therefore second only to agriculture in shaping the economic status of the country.

If you take just a minute to think why you should buy a handloom saree, we can give you some reasons:

  • Handloom sarees is completely made from 100% natural fibers, and this can be considered the main reason to choose handloom over other materials. Everything from the making of drapes to their production involves natural fibers. So, the Jamdani or Chanderi that you see displayed in showrooms are actually made from pure silk or cotton or khadi. So, who would object to wearing eco-friendly clothes?
  • The Indian weaving industry never fails to enhance the artistry of the weavers and also showcases the rich and diverse Indian culture. Every state in the country has a different art form to be proud of and so do their weavers. A weaver in Bihar will make a fine Madhubani art in six yards, while the weavers down south in Kanchipuram will do fine work. With unique painting, needlework, and weaving designs, each handcrafted piece is different from the others, and every single piece is worth having.
  • As we have discussed earlier, looms provide financial assistance to the poor. When you buy a saree online, a large part of the financial help reaches them. More than 4.3 million workers are working in this sector. So when you buy handcrafted pieces, you are in a way enhancing their livelihood. Doesn’t it give you a deeply beautiful feeling?
  • As the workers take the initiative to make each saree in a unique way, every six yards become something different from the rest. From the fabric to the color, it is unique, distinctive, and highly flattering. And, it can motivate you to buy almost all the varieties you can find in online stores.
  • Using some chemicals on your body can be harmful; You might not have thought about it, but chemicals or dyes in the sari you wear can harm your skin. It may be a slow process, but who knows where it will end? Why take a risk? Instead choose from a wide range of handloom drapes, which will be vibrant and perfect for your skin tone.
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